History shows that solutions for major issues (eg plastic soup in the ocean, traffic jam problem, Groningen gas problem, worsening care and education, etc ..) rarely or never come from politicians and yet the most important stakeholders of the Netherlands: media, citizens and politicians themselves, look at them for answers.

It is also striking that the theme: the renewal of the Welfare State (where all current themes such as immigration, supranational policy of the EU and the euro have repercussions and come together) is not the main theme of any political party.

Noticeable issues

This is not only the symbol of our prosperity, but also what leads to social cohesion, provided that this welfare state functions optimally. The new parties in turn introduce themes that belong to their area of expertise which are presented as THE essence of our existence.

However the driving force of our economy being Innovation, is not a topic or a political theme for these new parties.

In our conversations with political parties on innovation, a number of things stand out:

  • Basic knowledge of the true meaning of innovation is insufficiently present,
  • Practical experience with MPs is totally absent,
  • Only large, wealthy companies are associated with successful innovation,
  • Innovation is not understood as THE answer to make the Netherlands and its welfare state future-proof,
  • Innovation funds are fully focused on large, financially strong organizations and in practice are not accessible to the often small innovative companies, often start-ups.

Innovating together

All this is reason for Exovatio to innovate together with citizens and to create an exoskeleton shield for protection at a time when the government is making a retreating move. This exoskeleton symbolises the self-reliance of citizens in areas where the government formerly had a great added value in terms of government tasks and provisions.

Pragmatic platform

Exovatio for individuals is a pragmatic platform where one can read stories and view interviews about the retreating government and the decline of the welfare state. You can also select services that are presented via links in the articles and interviews. Services that make you self-reliant and resilient as a citizen. In addition, you can make suggestions for internet and mobile services that make citizens self-reliant and resilient.

Services for individuals