About Exovatio


Maurits v. Falkenreck, innovative entrepreneur, innovation lecturer, senior innovation advisor and writer


In my 15 years as innovative entrepreneur I gathered numerous findings about the design faults in the European Innovation System concerning Anglo-Saxon business cultures. The conclusions I drew I initially used to protect my own ventures. Being confronted with more and more entrepreneurs with stories about Innovation Theft, I decided to use my network and expertise to start the initiative Exovatio to make creative entrepreneurs resilient in a hostile Innovation Climate dominated by Immoral Anglo Saxon companies who have turned stealing ideas into a new art form, which they institutionalised by lobbying resulting in laws that have resulted in a non-level playing field for small and mid large innovative companies.


Entrepreneurship started at a young age during my career at the cross roads of business management and technology working at Philips Consumer Electronics. From 2002, I succesfully developed a new business concept for ticketing services on mobile devices, in cooperation with Imtech PLC and KPN and later The Entertainment Group.

As inventor and entrepreneur I am now involved in launching several new concepts from ticketing to education to medical concepts to indoor positioning technologies. I take these concepts to the next level by capitalizing on a mix of proven technology, brands, strategic partners and customers. Founding father of several disruptive innovations:

Invention to reduce paper waist in entertainment world – Beep! mobile tickets – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=a0XQbIBjVVQ
Invention to empower diaspora to directly donate private health care to family members in Africa – 4Another – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TUVOqYLICyA
Invention to make legal assistance accessible to less haves without the loss of quality – http://www.zelfrechtzaam.nl/particulier/Paginas/home.aspx & https://www.juristennetwerk.nl
invention to empower retail to launch promotions and loyalty campaigns to mobile users based on their location and based on their needs – https://www.appvantages.com / Walvis Participaties
Technology leader in the field of Indoor positioning and marketing –  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=s97E9UEV2vc


Innovation that follows from an idea and that spirals outwards to create a network is the norm. Exovation is about the network that spirals inwards. When you exovate you work on your network, you work on building social currency. Exovative thinking is about building the network around the idea. Like an exo-skeleton around soft tissue.