How exovation leads to economic growth and stability resulting in social cohesion.

History shows us that the solutions for big challenges (e.g. plastic soup in the oceans, traffic jams, depletion of natural resources, deteriorating health care and education, etc ..) hardly ever come from politicians and still the stakeholders of national economies such as: the media, citizens and politicians, keep looking at them for answers.

Another remarkable finding is that the European debate on the renewal of the welfare state (in which all current themes such as immigration, supranational policy of the EU and the Euro are intertwined) cannot be found as main topic on the political agenda of any political party.

The reason why this is remarkable is the fact that a smoothly operating welfare state forms the ultimate symbol for economic prosperity because the latter makes a welfare state possible and as a result social cohesion, provided the mechanism of this welfare state operates smoothly.

The main driver by far, for a growing and sustainable economy is Innovation and surprisingly enough NO political party claims this theme. Which is very sad because Innovation or as we think it should be called Exovation, actually connects political parties instead of separating them.

In our talks with political parties we have done the following findings

  • Basic knowledge about the meaning of innovation is hardly present – field experience is second to none
  • only big financially strong companies are being associated with successful innovations,
  • the absolute power and impact that true disruptive innovation can have is not understood by politicians,
  • government innovation funds are fully aimed at big financially strong companies instead of young creative disruptive start-ups.

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